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Collier has been compared to both James Taylor and Chris Isaak. Based upon his guitar style and "lost love" subject matter, such comparisons are natural. However, the raw honesty of his lyrics, and multiple facets of his music, make comparisons to Lyle Lovett just as applicable. Don't be too quick to label his music. All three Collier Daily CDs are available on iTunes.

Collier recently released his third album, Farther Down the Line, which has been hailed as his best work to date. As with his other offerings, the songs are both personal and, at the same time, universal. For the recording, Collier enlisted the help of two Stoney Larue band members: guitarist Kevin Webb and drummer Jeremy Bryant. These two players added immense character and depth to the songs and enhanced the creative process.

Wonderland, Collier's follow up CD on DogBone Records, shows a coming of age, both as songwriter and guitar player. Mix Magazine stated of the title track " ... the song is well-performed and well-recorded with "everything in the right place for a country ballad". Wonderland certainly has a more polished, "studio" feel. However, the album retains the honesty and musical sensibility of Collier's previous offering.

Collier's first CD, An End and a Beginning, is a collection of 11 original songs that span more than a decade. On the debut album, Collier artfully blends many different musical styles into a cohesive work with a little something for every taste. Reviewing the album, Phil Bacharach of The Oklahoma City Gazette said: "Daily knows his stuff, transforming heartache into a smooth work of ethereal country pop."